Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here's Some Private Session Examples...

Okay Folks, the possibilities are endless... especially when working with us. If you can dream the shot you'd love to have, simply email or call me. We'll try our best to make it happen, because at Redlined Imagery-- "There Are No Limits."

A Few More...

Monday, October 20, 2008

2 Wheel Chics Photoshoot Went Great Yesterday!


Well, with Fall in full effect, you won't be seeing me at TNR anymore, but on a rare occasions when I'll be gettin' my grub on at Waterfront.

Having said that, Redlined Imagery is now scheduling private photoshoots for the holiday season. If you check out our "Dates To Remember" to the right of this webpage... you'll be able to keep track of what we have going on, where we might be shooting at during the weekends, events we may be covering, etc.

Prices for private sessions will work as follows...

1 Hour will be $50.00, each additional hour add $10.00 to the current price.
(Ex: 3 hour session breakdown: 1st hour- $50.00, 2nd hour- $60.00, 3rd hour- $70.00)
(The Total for the 3 hour session would be: $180.00 - That's Great Pricing Folks!)

You can also view our in depth and explanations of pricing by clicking on the link to the right labeled: Private Session Pricing.

Redlined Imagery
"There Are No Limits"